Secured Re-Evaluation Resulting in Contract Award to Client

We proved that the agency’s evaluation was contrary to the terms of the solicitation, causing the agency to re-evaluate and award to our client.

Our client was one of the largest manufacturers of electric buses and had submitted an offer in response to a multistate cooperative solicitation administered by the Washington Department of Enterprise Services (DES). The solicitation covered several different lengths and types of buses. Although our client was selected for the 45-foot electric category, there were several categories for which it thought it should have been selected and retained us to protest the evaluation and award decision for those categories. 

 As a result of our protest, DES reevaluated several different categories and re-bid two others. The additional opportunities for award afforded by our successful protests resulted in the client being selected in four additional bus categories, including the 30, 35, 40 and 60-foot categories. 

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Secured Re-Evaluation Resulting in Contract Award to Client