Overcame DCAA Objections to Recover 100% of Claim

We overcame DCAA objections and persuaded DCAA to recommend full payment of the amount of client’s claim.

After we obtained a judgment from the U.S. Court of Federal Claims converting a default termination into one for the convenience of the government, we helped our client through a DCAA audit of the client’s termination settlement proposal in which it sought $4.9 million. 

During the almost year-long audit, DCAA questioned every aspect of the client’s costs, including: 

  • Costs of settling with subcontractors; 
  • Costs paid to indemnify the surety to complete the project under the performance bond; 
  • Reasonableness of subcontract prices; 
  • Reasonableness of personnel salaries; and, 
  • The purported absence of certified cost or pricing data. 

 In the end, notwithstanding DCAA’s initial position to question over 80% of the costs claimed, DCAA recommended—and the client received—payment of the full amount originally sought. 

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Overcame DCAA Objections to Recover 100% of Claim